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E-mpire Esports League Season 3

After the bitter defeat against North Sea Gaming in the Playoffs on Train (9:16), TPG had to prove themself in the lower bracket.

Cursed Cobras was the first opponent in the lower bracket and although TPG went confident in the game, they always had in mind how much work they still had to get to the finals.

TPG Shop at Gamers Apparel

Finally we can introduce our new shop!

After three months of waiting, Gamers Apparel released the shop on todays morning!

Like already announced, 15 products are available, which absolutely want to be purchased. Now we want to present you our merch:

Scorpia Summer League Finals

Nachdem man sich entschied nicht am 5. Qualifier der Summer League teilzunehmen und somit einen anderen Team die Chance gab, das Turnier zu gewinnen, da man eh schon für das Hauptturnier qualifiziert war, führte man die Dominanz im Hauptturnier fort.

Während der Abwesenheit von TPG, ergriff HXAGON die Chance und gewann Qualifier fünf der Summer League. 

TPG nutzte die Zeit und bereitete sich auf Turniere vor wie zum Beispiel für die EEL Season 3 und für die Playoffs der ACS Season 3. Dies lohnte sich auch und man erzielte genau die Ergebnisse die man sich gewünscht hat. 

Eine Woche später ging es dann in die Playoffs und somit in die entscheide Phase der Summer League.

New staff!

Today we want to introduce a familiar face, who will now operate in our ranks.

Mandeep should be known by the most of you. No? He was caster vor Scorpia and is also coach of North Sea Gaming.

But now he will become active as analyst and will prepare TPG for upcoming opponents. Beside pakesZ we now have another member, who will provide information for the 5 players.

We are looking forward to the collaboration with Mandeep and give him a warm welcome!

TPG marioos

After some time we can announce, that tobseN renamed him to marioos, because he wanted to dissociate to the Pro-player tabseN.

For a long time Marius' name was tobseN. This ends now!

Two weeks ago he decided to change it to marioos. The announcement had to be postponed, due to the fact that it is not allowed to change the name during tournaments. But now all tournaments, in which the old name had to be used, ended and so he can use his new name in future tournaments. 

Scorpia Summer League Q3

TPG was unstoppable in qualifier 3 and won the tournament without ever losing.

Teams like Flying Raccoons, ALBA and BitKill Esports had little chance of going through the tournament. Against Flying Raccoons TPG had to compete twice and in both matches they could leave the field as the winner. In the first game Flying Racoons played with a stand-in, which was more or less responsible for the defeat of the raccoons. However, FR could not win against TPG at the second time, although FR played again full squad.

Scorpia Summer League Qualifier 1

Yesterday TPG prevailed in the final against Gravity Esports and thus secured the 50 points.

By yesterday's victory in the first qualifier of the Summer League TPG catapults to first place and is qualified according to current status for the Summer League. However, there will be five more qualifiers for the Summer League.

In the next qualifiers TPG will of course compete again to be 100% qualified for the Summer League.