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TwoPictures Gaming is the first official team invited by Team Plasnite, and our mental coach pakesZ, to the LAN in Budapest.

Next year the Budapest Gaming Invitational LAN 2018 will start and TPG will be one of the invited teams. So far, TPG is the only team apart from Team Plasnite, which was officially announced for the LAN.

In spring, the event should then start and go from a Friday to a Sunday, with Saturday and Sunday will be the two game days, so that the teams can use Friday for arrival. On Saturday the group phase starts with two groups and four teams per group. On Sunday there will be the final games where you can look forward to a best-of-three in the semi-finals and a best-of-five in the grand finals.

One-sidedness, comebacks and total destruction.

In the grand final of the ACS Season 3 TPG started with a solid first half of 11:04 and  took the lead. Although Cronus.gg made some progress in the second half, they still lost to TPG with a 16:10.

Cronus.gg seems to have finally woken up on the second map and gives TwoPictures a very hard time. With a score of 11:04, as in the map before, Cronus won the first half. The second half ran similarly one-sided. TPG won only 3 rounds and Cronus win their map-pick with a 16:07.

With third place TPG completed the Division 1 of the RDYUP League Season 3 and is thus qualified for the playoffs.

Despite the sufficient placement, they started with a defeat in the league. Against Team Exile they lost to Mirage with 3:16 and reached 0-1 after the first matchday. Despite that hard defeat, TPG made it back to the front, defeating p1napplep1zza, Activit and Serval. In the end, they lost only to Galatics, with 9:16 and against Team Exile.

Against Galatics, arguably the strongest team in the league, they showed that they were equal to the teams of the tournament and even if the score does not say so, they put up a good game against Galatics.

This years christmas, we are going to do an advent calender, where you can win many game keys in a total worth of €506. This giveaway will be for person that are at least 14 years old.

There will be though games with an age restricion of 16 years up. Accordingly, we will give people a different key if the game planned for the door is above the winner's age. On the homepage we hid a lot of presents, all provided with a link to a dedicated discord server, where the giveaway will occur. Just click on the "?" in the #giveaway channel in the discord to join the giveaway.

It is done! After beating Honved Legion Red, TPG are now in the final of ACS Season 3!

After numerous defwins against Cronus.GG and Luxor Esports, TPG had to prove themselves to Honved Legion Red after losing to Honved. Tome prepared for the game to win this time.

This was also achieved by TPG, which gave them 16:14 on cache and 16: 8 on Inferno. The joy was great and justified, because now you play in the final for $ 750. Only Cronus.GG Academy, which is now the main team of Cronus, stands between TPG and title.

After getting a defwin against LegaX Esports in the E-mpire Esports League Season 3, TPG faced again North Sea Gaming, after they lost against Smiley Popcorn with 1:2.

Out and over! The dream to win another tournament, after winning the tournament since League Velocity, is over. Again it was North Sea Gaming that brought TPG to its knees. TPG won a total of nine tournaments in a row and lost only two games in the course of the tournaments. But now this winning streak is broken.

With a Defwin against LegaX Esports, TPG faced North Sea Gaming in the Losers Round 3, to reciprocate for the game in the Upper Bracket on Train. Mirage, Inferno and Cache were the maps for this game and it started on Mirage, the mappick of NSG.

Today, TPG has introduced the new coach on Twitter. At the same time, they dismissed to Mandeep.

TwoPictures Gaming has a new coach! From now on, Cedric "Tome" Pas will coach the CS: GO team of TPG and prepare for upcoming matchups. pakesZ, who previously had this position, will now be deployed as a mental coach and will train the players playfully and mentally. Tome was previously the coach of Infinity Esports and and got the opportunity by Beavy, the organization's leader, to coach at TPG.

Beavy had previously asked Slash if he knows any players who want to join a team. Chaos had posted a short time before on Twitter that he is looking for a team. Slash suggested chaos because he knows him a bit longer and played with him in the team.