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TwoPictures Gaming released the big news yesterday: A new CS:GO Academy team and a Call of Duty team were added to the organization!

On Twitter, TwoPictures Gaming announced the big changes and introduced, among other things, the new CS: GO Academy and COD team. Also new VFX Artists and COD snipers were introduced, which will provide you with content on Twitch and Youtube. So look forward to more highlight videos, edits and streams!

Prior to the announcement, Amateur Esports Zone already leaked that TPG will add an Academy team. AEZ wrote


TwoPictures Gaming lost 2-0 to Vape-Comany Esports yesterday, finishing second in the Scorpia Ground Zero Qualifier 1.

Not only against Vape-Company TPG had problems, but also against Nexus Nation, which defeated TPG in the group stage with 10:16. TwoPictures Gaming then won the crucial group game against Warriors eSports 16-0, earning a place in the playoffs. Both playoffs matches in the lower bracket were defwins for TPG, bringing them straight into the grand final

For the first time TPG could not finish with a first place, in a Scorpia event. Despite the surprise TPG has qualified with the 2nd place for the main event.

Almost 2 weeks ago, we beat Cronus.gg in the Grand Final of ACS Season 3. Despite the tough playoffs, we reached the final via the Lower Bracket.

In an interview with Lui2k, Slash (Team Captain) re-established how important this victory was for the entire organization. Countless hours of practice from the team put them ahead of the competition in the most crucial moments of the league, which lead to a hard fought victory. Even before the final, they were aware of the importance of a win as the money should be used to fund expenses toward the upcoming LAN in Budapest. This made the team all the more motivated to win.

After winning the Grand Final, we asked the ACS management team when and how they would get the league's prize money; One week later the teams recieved the prize money. However, it was only 22% of the actual profit.

Husky (Team Manager) contacted Frazer on Discord to discuss why the team did not recieve the full sum:

The complete organization TwoPictures Gaming wishes you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Furthermore we would like to congratulate one more time all of the winners in our advent calender!

A small Christmas story:

Two little children were sitting by the fire one cold winter's night. All at once they heard a timid knock at the door, and one ran to open it.

There, outside in the cold and the darkness, stood a child with no shoes upon his feet and clad in thin, ragged garments. He was shivering with cold, and he asked to come in and warm himself.

We are glad to introduce our new partners:

Runtime and Microsoft are our new official partners. Via our links you can support us with your purchase without extra costs.

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Renewed fail in the semifinals against Galatics.

In the probably most important match of the RDYUP League against Galatics, TPG did not manage to win. The trauma of the Groupstage was repeated.

After Mirage's first two pistol-rounds went to TwoPictures, Galatics regained the lead and managed to keep it steady for the rest of the map. TPG tried everything but could not avert a 16:09.

Similar tragedy on cache. Although the first half was much more balanced than in the map before, it was nevertheless finished with a 16:07 by Galatics. And so TwoPicture's dream of the first place bursts.

All that remains is the match for third place against Double-U, who lost against Serval.

Shortly before the new year, our staff were expanded by a few members.

We are proud to present you our new Media Manager Beavy. He will look after all social media accounts in the future and provide you with updates at the same time.

Together with him come two graphic designers. Ekrah and JJ will work on the design of the organization in the design team. JJ will also be working on highlight videos for the official Youtube channel so that, even if you could not watch the matches live, you'll get a glimpse of the best scenes.