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TwoPictures Academy played yesterday their last group game in the YouSee eSports League Round 5 and qualified for Division 1 and the playoffs.

It is official! Our Academy team will definitely be part of the playoffs in the YouSee eSports League, even though round 6 is still to come. The team around UpYGz won all 6th map against their opponents and finished round 5 with the first place.

In all three games, the danes remained unbeaten, which makes them advancing to Division 1, where they will play the last round of the tournament. Teams like KMKMK, Team lucky shot and Danish Warriors were not a big challenge for TPA, which can be seen in the results of the matches.

We asked Victor "UpYGz" Scheller a few questions about their success in round 5 and how things will continue from now on:

Our Academy Team took 3rd place at the Egedal eSport LAN 2019 today!

Egedal eSport opened their LAN event yesterday and provided three teams for the tournament. The game was played with a double-elimination system, which means that if you lose twice, you are eliminated from the tournament.

TwoPictures Academy launched in the first round of the Winner bracket with a bye and then played against Danalund on Inferno. With 16:6 they won the game and was thus one round further. In Winner bracket Round Three they hit on Multihunters Elite, which they did have a hard time with. They lost the game on cache 9:16 and it was all or nothing from now on.


The 5th round of the YouSee Esports League has begun and TwoPictures Academy is starting right away with a win in Group B!

In round four, TPA secured third place and thus remained in second division. They then consolidated third place in their last round four game against KMKMK.

Funnily enough, they played directly in the first game of round five, again against KMKMK, where they could assert themselves again with a 2:0. In Group B they will meet teams like Gallus Strikers, Danish Warriors, Team lucky shot and EAD-4 in the next games.


TwoPictures Gaming is a participant in the previously confirmed teams for Season 5 of the Ignis League.

TwoPictures Gaming will play for the first time in the Ignis League. Official tournament start is the 1th of March and so far five teams have been confirmed.

Among other things you will find in the 5th Season teams such as defending champions Nitrogenius, NexusNation, Berlin Esports and Gaia Esports. Nitrogenius will start here again as a favorite in the tournament.


Mission accomplished! TwoPictures Gaming is one round after defeating Vape-Company in the quarterfinals.

What a match! With 16: 3 won TPG on Inferno and could convince this time. So they sent Vape-Company to the Lower Bracket and although they had lost to Vape-Company 2-0 in the final of the first qualifier, they beat them unilaterally this time.

On Sunday, the next game in a Best of 3 against FieryTale is on, which could defend themselves in their fourth final match against Machine Soldiers Academy, with 19:15 on Cache. At 20 o'clock the Match Live starts on the official Twitch Account of Scorpia or under www.twopictures.eu. You do not want to miss this game, so turn on Sunday!


TwoPictures Gaming will once again meet Vape-Company Esports in the finals of the Scorpia Ground Zero Tournament.

Whether it's a curse or a blessing, TPG gets the chance to retaliate for 2nd place in the Ground Zero Qualifier 1. The winner of the match will face FieryTale or Machine Soldiers Academy, depending who is winning the series.

These also met last time in the grand final, which FieryTale won 2-0.

Official start of the Ground Zero Finals is the 16.12, but the teams can play their games earlier. We'll keep you up-to-date on Twitter as we step into the ring again against Vape-Company.



TwoPictures Acadmy started the last round of the YouSee eSport League Season 2 last week. After scoring good to very good results in the last three rounds, they started the final round with two defeats.

The Danes have so far lost every game in the fourth round of the YouSee eSport League Season 2 and although they have to play with a stand-in, the expectations so far do not quite match the hoped-for results, which means they have to be content with last place for now. The Academy team is forced to continue to play the group stage with Stand-In Firex even after the defeats, as m3MORY is on vacation.