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Heartbreaking Announcement - End of an Era

For TwoPictures Gaming its not going well for the past few months. The team didn't reach the target and the returning problems with the roster made things even worse. The problems and especially the failures have serious consequences for the CS:GO team.
After the announcement of the 1st of June

After parting ways with Chaos on the 5th May and eL1 on the 13th of May, the team were looking for two new players. T1TAN and twin joined to fill the gaps and the team was complete again.Everybody had high hopes after completing the roster with the two new players and the three long-term members Neusaap, DragonEye and Slash.

Later, T1TAN offered the team to take the ingame-leader role, allowing Slash to focus more on the game. Tome and the rest of the team decided to take away the role again after facing internal issues with his leading.



It was decided to cut T1TAN from the roster, due to the internal issues the team faced with him as an ingame-leader. Slash demanded to keep him in the team until after the bootcamp, so that he would get a fair chance to show that he could improve. Tome and co. decided against it, which confirmed the decision.

Bootcamp and unofficial recruitment

The team contacted eL1, due to the removal of T1TAN, which occupied the place temporarily. After the bootcamp, the team started to look for a new fifth player. The eyes were on m3MORY, who had previously played in the academy team. The interest to take the spot was there, but he declined shortly before, as a danish team offered him a spot. The options gradually dwindled, which is why Chaos got contacted. He expressed his interest before, after leaving his old team because of dissatisfaction. Chaos received a one-month trial in the team, since some members still had concerns to take him back.

Unexpected departure of twin

The new LineUp failed in the playoffs of the RDYUP League Season 4, after preparing a lot for the match against Panthers.Stars. twin announced his departure shortly after the game, because he wanted to play a different style ingame and lost motivation.

The team had to get a new fifth which is why they started to trial milky, a former player from teams like Bitpoint, Cronus.GG and CEYA eSports. The old LineUp for example defeated him in the ACS Season 3 grand finals. milky decided against TPG, after receiving an offer from Bpro, a bulgarian semi-pro team. Furthermore, the team trialed mdmazing, a macedonian player, which was the favorite after knowing that milky would play for Bpro. mdmazing was satisfied with TPG, but changed his mind later on during the try-outs.

The search for a new fifth proved to be hopeless. Other players were considered aswell, for example KinQ of the ex-Arctic eSports LineUp. KinQ wanted to trial for TwoPictures Gaming but received an offer from TynxGG after standing in for them in a tournament.

eL1 and Slash on Playing Ducks academy

eL1 left his stand-in position to move to the new academy team of Playing Ducks. However, the acedemy team lost their ingame-leader four days after the announcement and were looking for a replacement five days before the first matchday in the 99damage league season 13, division 3. Slash got thereupon the offer of eL1, to trial for the ducks. After two days of trialing, Playing Ducks offered Slash a position in the academy team.

Future without Slash

After taking some time to consider the offer, Slash accepted and left TwoPictures Gaming. For many players, this change was really unexpected.
Neusaap took the time to explain the situation and to share his reaction:

Did you expect Slash to leave the team, keeping in mind that he is one of the founder of the organization and the csgo team?

"No, not at all it came as a big surprise to me. We were having some roster issues and we couldn’t find a 5th player for a couple of weeks, but I never expected anyone to leave, especially not Slash"

What was your first reaction after getting to know that Slash is going to leave and when did tell the team about it?

"He told the team about it after a practice session. He said to the team that he got a offer from Playing Ducks and that he was interested [...].
At first I didn’t really know what to do yet. I was thinking about taking a break from cs, but In the end I decided not to. [...]"

What are your plans for the future? Is the team going to stay together and searching for new players or is everyone going to part ways?

"I’m not sure yet. I’m going to be looking at my options and see what is the best in the end."

TwoPictures Gaming has offered the remaining players a place in the team. The players can now decide, if they would like to stay or not. If the players decide to stay in the organization, there will be an announcement later as soon as the team has a active roster again. In case of a refusal of the players, the organization will withdraw for the time being from CS:GO and rethink the offers, as well as possibilities.