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The end in RDYUP Liga Season 4

On Wednesday TwoPictures Gaming played the first game of the playoffs in the RDYUP League Season 4.

With high expectations the team went into the match against Panthers.Stars. It was expected like in the last season to have a good or even better finish in the season. This time, however, the road ended earlier than anticipated.

Panthers.Stars defeated TwoPictures Gamingon Inferno with 12:16 and eliminated them in the round of 16.

Slash shared his opinion on the game after the loss on Twitter:



"That loss hurts... Felt prepared but some tiny mistakes made us lose tonight. Really sad that we couldn't get further. [...] I really wanted to get far.

I'm kinda disappointed but I won't give up! [...]" - Slash on Twitter

At the moment TwoPictures Gaming didn't sign up for any other competition, potentially because of rosterproblems and the defeat in the RDYUP League Season 4 playoffs. For now we have to wait and see what is happening in the next months.