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TPG x Noesis

Yesterday TwoPictures Gaming announced the partnership with Noesis.gg.

The partnership was announced yesterday on Twitter with an announcement video. In the video Noesis got generally introduced and explained. The video was produced by the management of TwoPictures Gaming and completed after three weeks.

TwoPictures Gaming is happy to partner up with Noesis and we are looking forward to work with them together! You do not know Noesis yet? No problem, we summarized what Noesis is and what they offer:


Noesis is a site where you can analyze Counter-Strike demos. Through the 2D viewer, you can easily watch and evaluate the rounds played in a match. Furthermore, Noesis offers extra features, which for example allows you to watch player positions from all rounds. The tool is of course not free, but you can choose between three different licenses. Noesis Team is the license for a whole team where five players and one coach have access to the functions. If that's not enough, you can also buy the Noesis Pro License for premium support from Noesis and more space for the demos on the site. If you do not have a team and do not need a team or pro version, you can choose Noesis Solo license, which is the cheapest of the three licenses. In addition, you get 50% off of your first purchase.

More information can be found in the announcement video or on noesis.gg!