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Premature end in Ignis League

The dream of winning the tournament bursts directly in the first match of the playoffs, after advancing through the swiss-phase with 3-2.

Both dys0n and Hound Esports were beaten in the Swiss phase after losing to ClexaGANG on Mirage with 15:19. With a 3-2 TPG advanced to the playoffs, facing IQ Gaming, which completed the Swiss phase with 3-1.

TwoPictures Gaming, however, lost 2-0 to IQ Gaming, getting eliminated in the first round of the playoffs in the current Season of the Ignis League. Roster problems and wrong decisions of the league adminstration influenced TPG, both in the playoffs, as well as in the Swiss phase.

Due to critical decisions of the league administration, up to two teams in each round of the Swiss phase, received a Defwin, because two teams announced their withdrawal after the start of the league. For example IQ Gaming received a Defwin in round four and advanced to the playoffs with 3-1.



The whole chaos could have been avoided if the two teams that reveived a defwin would play each other instead. As a result there would have been an equal amount of teams that lost (0-1) and won (1-0) in the first round. The league administration decided against it, whereby each round at least one Defwin was distributed. In the end, even a single elimination had to be played in round five, because the league administration decided against giving another team a free entry for the playoffs. As a result, a team had no opponent, which forced this team to play two games in round five to qualify for the playoffs.

Even the seeding of the league was calculated completely wrong. The seeding is the average elo of the teams which can be calculated by taking the score of each players from faceit together and dividing them by the number of players. TwoPictures Gaming had to compete against Poseidon Esports, although they would get different opponent according to the seeding. Two weeks before the start of the league, TPG changed their lineup once again to play with T1TAN and twin, who joined TPG on the first of july. This change was not taken into consideration by the League administration and instead they calculated the elo of the old lineup, which TPG wanted to start with originally.

Also in the further course, the seeding was no longer considered. In the next rounds of the Swiss phase, the teams with the same amount of loses and wins would meet each other. For that the team with the highest elo would take on the team with the lowest elo, as long as they have lost and won the same amount of games. Due to the fact that the seeding was not taken into consideration, the matchups were completely random in the swiss phase and teams with the same elo were able to face each other.

Throughout the chaos in Season 7 of the Ignis League, TPG has decided not to compete in any other Ignis tournament for the time being. In both Seasons were problems that influenced the course and ultimately the placement of TPG.