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Ignis League Season 7

On July 22, the seventh season of the Ignis League starts.

After failing to participate in the sixth season of the Ignis League due to the incomplete line-up, TPG will be in season seven.

During TPG's absence, Afallon eSports beat Poseidon Esport in the grand final. As in the last seasons, the defending champion did not sign up for the next season. But we will see Arctic eSports again after they also had to suspend in the previous one as the team disbanded.

Funfact: TwoPictures Gaming and Arctic eSports are the only returning teams in season seven who played in season five.



Season seven will start on July 22nd and will be played with the Swiss system like in the previous season. That means teams encounter teams that lost or won in the previous game. For example, a team that lost the first game encounters a team, which has also lost their first game. The same goes for teams who won their first game.

This system should provide more justice. With the old round-robin system, TPG was almost eliminated because a team got a default win due to a team not showing up to their game. The team that showed up received a default win, which counts as 16-0, which distorts the round difference. Pretty unfair, considering that TPG made it to the grand final and defeating DogsTrust and Wakademy, who were considered tournament favorites.

Speaking about tournament favorites, TwoPictures Gaming will face Poseidon Esport, the tournament's favorite of the season, in their first game in season seven. The game starts at 17:00 CEST on Tuesday and you can watch it live on www.twopictures.eu.