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RDYUP League Season 4 started!

The fourth season of RDYUP started today with the first matchdays!

We had to wait a long time, now the fourth season of the RDYUP Amateur League finally started. In the last season TPG failed against Galatics in the semifinals and won against Double-U in the match for third place.

Galatics won season two after defeating Serval 2-0 in the grand final. Both teams did not sign up for season four, giving TPG the chance to win the whole tournament this time. In addition, TwoPictures Gaming, Team Exile and Old Dream Esport are the only returning teams that played in the playoffs.



One of the big changes for season four is the number of teams. In the last season only 16 teams were able to sign up for the tournament. This season 32 teams were able to sign up. In the end, 29 teams registered for the tournament.

These 29 teams were split into four groups:

 Group A   Group B  Group C   Group D 
 Accusata Scusata  OAKUM Esports  Arae eSports  Império D'Elite
 TwoPictures Gaming  Afallon eSports  NPlay eSport  KUUSAMO.gg
 Quixote  XINITY  LvLUp eSport  GREED Esports
 Flare eSports  formaNERVOSA  50AAGS  Osterity
 familia  Midpoint.GG  PodSquad  Enforcers eSports
 Malicious eSports  blastOff  Frozen Wolves eSports  The Goofy Goobers
 Rajans Raptor Squad  Panthers.Stars  M1G  OldDream Esports

In Group A, TPG will not only face teams they've never played before but also pakesZ's team, Malicious eSports. The former coach of the former Academy team has found a new home and plays together with Bräken and nonsense, which one knows from the former team Plasnite LineUp.

Quixote is, if you just look at the team name, not one of the teams TPG knows, but two of Quixote's players are well known, at least for TPG. Edgy and Troak, who previously played for Flying Raccoons. With Flying Raccoons they managed to win against TPG only once out of four games.

The first game for TwoPictures Gaming will be against pakesZ's Team, Malicious eSports. On Tuesday at 20:30 CEST you can watch the game live on www.twopictures.eu.