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Unsuccessful in ESEA Open

TwoPictures Gaming finished their first ESEA open season with six won and ten lost games.

The new players of TPG could not save the current ESEA season. The playoffs were unreachable because of the negative results, although they barely lost the intermediate qualifier before the start of the season which is why they did not get a direct place in ESEA intermediate.



If TPG decides to play another ESEA season, they most likely have to play another season in the open league. A way to not start in the open league again is to win the intermediate qualifier this time to get a spot for free.
One thing is confirmed for sure, TPG will return to the Open League, if they get again eliminated in the ESEA intermediate qualifier.

The reasons for the failure in ESEA are clearly the player problems that TPG had in the league. Chaos left TPG after Matchday 2 and forced his former team to play with Coach Tome. That the team couldn't play their "A-Game" with the coach makes sense. Furthermore, the team was unable to practice due to eL1's departure weeks later. After having a full line-up again, TPG had to play the last games without practice, which made it even harder against well-prepared teams. 

In spite of the bad result, almost all matches were lost very close, even playing with the coach and other stand-ins. The tight results show that TPG might have achieved a better result with a full lineup and practice. That's why we can definitely look forward to the next season, where TPG will hopefully start with a full lineup.