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eL1 takes break

On Twitter, eL1 announced that he will temporarily take a break.

no cs for some time - eL1 on Twitter

TwoPictures Gaming confirmed the withdrawal of eL1 from the active lineup three days later and announced that he remains a part of the team and that he will be available as stand-in.



The reason for the sudden decision of eL1 are, according to TwoPictures Gaming, personal problems that influenced his motivation on the game. For example, he is dissatisfied with the performance of his computer, which, according to his own statement, has massive consequences on his performance.

Slash, captain of TPG and Neusaap, player of TPG, said goodbye on Twitter to eL1:

I wish ma boy @el1csgo nothing but the best and I hope that we can pick him up again soon! ❤️ - Slash on Twitter

😔 hope I can fix my rl as fast as possible. Thank u bro <3 😭 - eL1 on Twitter, answer to Slash

I miss you already😭😭 - Neusaap on Twitter, answer to eL1