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0:2 against Vape-Company


TwoPictures Gaming lost 2-0 to Vape-Comany Esports yesterday, finishing second in the Scorpia Ground Zero Qualifier 1.

Not only against Vape-Company TPG had problems, but also against Nexus Nation, which defeated TPG in the group stage with 10:16. TwoPictures Gaming then won the crucial group game against Warriors eSports 16-0, earning a place in the playoffs. Both playoffs matches in the lower bracket were defwins for TPG, bringing them straight into the grand final

For the first time TPG could not finish with a first place, in a Scorpia event. Despite the surprise TPG has qualified with the 2nd place for the main event.



The result of 0: 2 also does not reflect the scarcity of the entire game. TPG managed twice on both maps (Mirage and Inferno) from a five to six round deficit to fight back.

The next qualifier will start next week and teams like FieryTale and Machine Soldiers Academy have already signed up for the tournament. TPG will not participate in this qualifier as they have already qualified for the finals.