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Big changes in TPG!


TwoPictures Gaming released the big news yesterday: A new CS:GO Academy team and a Call of Duty team were added to the organization!

On Twitter, TwoPictures Gaming announced the big changes and introduced, among other things, the new CS: GO Academy and COD team. Also new VFX Artists and COD snipers were introduced, which will provide you with content on Twitch and Youtube. So look forward to more highlight videos, edits and streams!

Prior to the announcement, Amateur Esports Zone already leaked that TPG will add an Academy team. AEZ wrote



"Sources close to AEZ have suggested that [...] TwoPictures Gaming are looking to bring [in] [...] The full Danish roster consisting of UpYGzol1v3rm3MORYwackZ, and Zippi [which] recently played under Clan eSpuma Future. [...] TwoPictures have yet to confirm the move, although sources have suggested contracts have been signed, and the main CS:GO roster is not expecting to change."

At the core of course, this statement is not wrong, however, far no contracts were signed with the Academy team and the assertion that the CS: GO Main Team will not make any changes, is completely wrong. Where AEZ generally has this information from is unfortunately unknown.

Despite all this, we welcome TwoPictures Academy:

Sebastian "wackZ" Aagaard
Oliver "m3MORY" Fernandez
Jeppe "Zippi" Hartvigsen
Victor "UpYGz" Scheller
Oliver "ol1v3r" Mattsson

In addition, pakesZ will return as an active coach after the new Plasnite team did not work as the players and pakesZ themselves had imagined. Welcome back Patrick "pakesZ" Rozsos!


We also want to welcome our new Call of Duty Team here. Welcome TwoPictures Gaming COD:



As already announced, we also made changes to our CS: GO Main Team. So we have to say goodbye to an old player more or less. We are talking about marioos, which can no longer actively play due to health issues. For him, a familiar face will come back to the team. Chaos will take the place of marioos. As announced on Twitter, this will be a permanent change. Although marioos recovers, he will continue to stay on the bench for the time being and play as a stand-in.

Accordingly, the TwoPictures Gaming CS: GO Main Team looks like this:

Nico "Slash" Lüscher
Christian "DragonEye" Koning
Thijs "Neusaap" van Haaster
Elias "eL1" Illgen
Daniel "Chaos" Fisher

Cedric "Tome" Pas