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ACS Season 3 Statement

Almost 2 weeks ago, we beat Cronus.gg in the Grand Final of ACS Season 3. Despite the tough playoffs, we reached the final via the Lower Bracket.

In an interview with Lui2k, Slash (Team Captain) re-established how important this victory was for the entire organization. Countless hours of practice from the team put them ahead of the competition in the most crucial moments of the league, which lead to a hard fought victory. Even before the final, they were aware of the importance of a win as the money should be used to fund expenses toward the upcoming LAN in Budapest. This made the team all the more motivated to win.

After winning the Grand Final, we asked the ACS management team when and how they would get the league's prize money; One week later the teams recieved the prize money. However, it was only 22% of the actual profit.

Husky (Team Manager) contacted Frazer on Discord to discuss why the team did not recieve the full sum:



Screenshot 20181230 171009Screenshot 20181230 171022Screenshot 20181230 171033Screenshot 20181230 171042Screenshot 20181230 171101

Frazer (Head of ACS) stated that the $750 prize money advertised would not be divided among the few teams. As a result, we would not be recieving the promised winnings. However, Frazer did not contact any of the teams in light of the issue that only 16 teams would participate out of the planned 32, keeping silent until the end that the winner would not recieve the full amount announced in advance. Even after paying the winnings, he did not explain why the amounts were much less than advertised. Only after Husky approached him did he explain the situation.

Frazer also stated that the website had to be shut down, so there was more money to pay. However, the website has been offline for more than two months.

Furthermore, he reffered to the TOS (Terms of Service), where allegedly it is stated, according to Frazer, that ACS can change the price of the tournament at any time, for whatever reason. However, this TOS is no longer visible as the site is no longer available. Although the site has been offline for some time, the TOS have not been made available on any other platform.

In addition, Frazer has granted entry to other teams without paying the ticket price:


Some teams do not have to pay for entering the tournament. By comparison, teams such as Honved Legion Red or Cronus.gg have paid more than just the ticket price because they have made changes to the lineup during the tournament. These changes cause additional costs on top of the ticket price and have cost some teams even more than they ended up earning from the tournament.

This information was provided after Slash contacted the affected teams to discuss the situation. As a result, all teams spoke with Frazer, who dodged many of the questions asked. He said he had a mental breakdown, which became evident from his tweets that he released whilst the conversation.

In the end, we can only advise against anyone joining ACS tournaments. Frazer (Head of ACS) promoted the league with high value prize pools to attract teams. However, it was never his intention to pay the teams the money. He presented his act as a rule compliant, so that no one asks and he can get away with it. Some teams were already planning with the prize money and made plans for the future. We also planned to use the prize money for the Budapest LAN next year.

As a result of this situation, we can no longer guarantee that we will be able to compete at Budapest. A statement will be released at a later date, should we be unable to attend the LAN.

Cronus has also released a statement on this incident, which can be viewed here.