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3rd place in the tournament

Renewed fail in the semifinals against Galatics.

In the probably most important match of the RDYUP League against Galatics, TPG did not manage to win. The trauma of the Groupstage was repeated.

After Mirage's first two pistol-rounds went to TwoPictures, Galatics regained the lead and managed to keep it steady for the rest of the map. TPG tried everything but could not avert a 16:09.

Similar tragedy on cache. Although the first half was much more balanced than in the map before, it was nevertheless finished with a 16:07 by Galatics. And so TwoPicture's dream of the first place bursts.

All that remains is the match for third place against Double-U, who lost against Serval.


This match was also carried out a few days later. TwoPictures ran at full speed what you could see on the first Map Mirage, which was chosen by Double-U. Although Double-U has given everything, TPG could finish with a 16:12.

The second Map Cache the match was unfortunately canceled by Double-U, due to lack of time. TwoPictures got a defwin and won the match 2-0. All in all, the third place is not what was hoped for, but still a performance of TPG that they can be proud of.

Thus, nothing else remains than compliment Galatics on their entry into the finals, which will be held on December 20th at 21:00.