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Budapest Gaming Invitational 2019

TwoPictures Gaming is the first official team invited by Team Plasnite, and our mental coach pakesZ, to the LAN in Budapest.

Next year the Budapest Gaming Invitational LAN 2018 will start and TPG will be one of the invited teams. So far, TPG is the only team apart from Team Plasnite, which was officially announced for the LAN.

In spring, the event should then start and go from a Friday to a Sunday, with Saturday and Sunday will be the two game days, so that the teams can use Friday for arrival. On Saturday the group phase starts with two groups and four teams per group. On Sunday there will be the final games where you can look forward to a best-of-three in the semi-finals and a best-of-five in the grand finals.



There is no entry fee, so if you live in Budapest you are welcome to come by. Both the exact date and the pending teams will be announced in the coming weeks! To keep up to date, just follow Team Plasnite on Twitter.