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Start in the playoffs

With third place TPG completed the Division 1 of the RDYUP League Season 3 and is thus qualified for the playoffs.

Despite the sufficient placement, they started with a defeat in the league. Against Team Exile they lost to Mirage with 3:16 and reached 0-1 after the first matchday. Despite that hard defeat, TPG made it back to the front, defeating p1napplep1zza, Activit and Serval. In the end, they lost only to Galatics, with 9:16 and against Team Exile.

Against Galatics, arguably the strongest team in the league, they showed that they were equal to the teams of the tournament and even if the score does not say so, they put up a good game against Galatics.



The first playoff match against 200 Knives, which should be played on 30 November, was canceled because the team was disbanded.

"It's a default win guys our team disbanded" - 200 Knives on Twitter

Thus, TwoPictures Gaming faces Galatics again in the semi-finals. This time, TPG has to five everything to be the winner in this Best of 3.

So we can look forward to an exciting match!