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Winner, Winner, Cronus.GG Dinner

One-sidedness, comebacks and total destruction.

In the grand final of the ACS Season 3 TPG started with a solid first half of 11:04 and  took the lead. Although Cronus.gg made some progress in the second half, they still lost to TPG with a 16:10.

Cronus.gg seems to have finally woken up on the second map and gives TwoPictures a very hard time. With a score of 11:04, as in the map before, Cronus won the first half. The second half ran similarly one-sided. TPG won only 3 rounds and Cronus win their map-pick with a 16:07.



Now it goes into the all-important Map Cache and TwoPictures has switched to the 6th gear. With a 13:02 they ran through the first half and left Cronus only a small chance for the very last half. Cronus seized the opportunity, but only won the first two pistol rounds before TwoPictures Gaming won the Map 16:04, the match 2-1 and the whole tournament.

And so TwoPictures Gaming is the official champion of the ACS League Season 3!