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TPG Advent Calender

This years christmas, we are going to do an advent calender, where you can win many game keys in a total worth of €506. This giveaway will be for person that are at least 14 years old.

There will be though games with an age restricion of 16 years up. Accordingly, we will give people a different key if the game planned for the door is above the winner's age. On the homepage we hid a lot of presents, all provided with a link to a dedicated discord server, where the giveaway will occur. Just click on the "?" in the #giveaway channel in the discord to join the giveaway.


The giveaways will last 24 hours and the winner will be announcend in the dedicated winner channel (#giveaway) and in the #merry-christmas channel in discord on the next day. Every day midnight the link on a present for the next giveaway will be unlocked, so starttime of a giveaway will be 00:00 o clock and ends 00:00 o clock (CET).

There will be a lot of presents on the homepage, without a link though, on the first day, so feel free to search them to be a step ahead on the following days. Make sure to read the conditions of participation here https://twopictures.eu/index.php/en/conditions-of-participation.

Good luck and have fun with the giveaways!