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The fourth season of RDYUP started today with the first matchdays!

We had to wait a long time, now the fourth season of the RDYUP Amateur League finally started. In the last season TPG failed against Galatics in the semifinals and won against Double-U in the match for third place.

Galatics won season two after defeating Serval 2-0 in the grand final. Both teams did not sign up for season four, giving TPG the chance to win the whole tournament this time. In addition, TwoPictures Gaming, Team Exile and Old Dream Esport are the only returning teams that played in the playoffs.

On July 22, the seventh season of the Ignis League starts.

After failing to participate in the sixth season of the Ignis League due to the incomplete line-up, TPG will be in season seven.

During TPG's absence, Afallon eSports beat Poseidon Esport in the grand final. As in the last seasons, the defending champion did not sign up for the next season. But we will see Arctic eSports again after they also had to suspend in the previous one as the team disbanded.

Funfact: TwoPictures Gaming and Arctic eSports are the only returning teams in season seven who played in season five.

TwoPictures Gaming finished their first ESEA open season with six won and ten lost games.

The new players of TPG could not save the current ESEA season. The playoffs were unreachable because of the negative results, although they barely lost the intermediate qualifier before the start of the season which is why they did not get a direct place in ESEA intermediate.


After just over a month, it's official who will fill the gaps in the TwoPictures Gaming LineUp.

Chaos and eL1 left a big gap in TwoPictures Gaming. Slash, Neusaap, DragonEye and Coach Tome had to look for two new players. Although eL1 will continue to be available as a stand-in, this is not the permanent solution for the lineup.

Now, on 1st June 2019, it's finally known who will fill the spots:

On Twitter, eL1 announced that he will temporarily take a break.

no cs for some time - eL1 on Twitter

TwoPictures Gaming confirmed the withdrawal of eL1 from the active lineup three days later and announced that he remains a part of the team and that he will be available as stand-in.